Precision Oncology Site Network

Precision Oncology’s site network offers sponsors a “turn-key menu” of qualified oncology sites with capabilities aligned to sponsors goals, many with a commitment and track record of a 90-day study start-up. Our model for expedited study start-up is based on processes, templates and contracts with proven success. The sites in our network are geographically diverse throughout North America and Europe and expansion into Asia-PAC.

Some of the qualifying attributes for our Precision Oncology Site Network are:

• Ability and commitment to expedited site activation/rapid accrual

• Acceptance of start-up templates, contracts and processes

• Focus on targeted treatments with diverse cancers

• Highly skilled in conducting Phase I trials with challenging PK sampling and biopsy requirements for correlative/translational requirements

• Commitment and capabilities in conducting Phase II-IV trials

• Key opinion leaders to review and provide input on study concepts and designs

• Functional cross-links to allow for access to all-comers, as well as disease-specific patients

• PI commitment and enthusiasm 

• Quality-driven practices

• Devoted study staff

• Accommodation of in-patient admission

Sponsor's benefit from the high-quality and committed sites in our network, while sites benefit from the opportunity to connect with our sponsors on their critical oncology trials and offer their patients access to novel therapies that may not otherwise be available. 

The Precision Oncology Site Network is led by Tandy Tipps, M.ED, M.P.A., Ph.D., Former Department Administrator for Investigational Cancer Therapeutics at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.  

Dr. Tipps offers our sponsors expert insight into the challenges of study start-up for their most complex oncology trials, as she also works with sites to improve upon their processes and templates for achieving high-quality and efficient study start-up and provides a connection for sponsor’s trials and the best-suited sites.

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