Project Management

Experienced project management and efficient logistical planning are critical to the success of any study. With no resignations within our management team since 2000, Precision Oncology offers sponsors the assurance that their project is being planned and managed by a consistent and experienced project team.  Our project management team has a passionate commitment to oncology research and strong expertise in standard and company-specific oncology research practices.

Our Project Directors lead multinational clinical trials with a focus on efficiency and quality, clear and consistent reporting, an adaptive attitude and with an understanding of all local and national regulations. Our studies are closely managed according to a detailed Master Project Plan. Our vast experience in all types of oncology trials provides us the ability to develop this plan with a clear understanding of the project scope and potential challenges associated with complex, and many times, adaptive trials. This focus on realistic upfront planning gives our sponsors the assurance that the project will be completed within the expected timeline and budget.

We assess the quality of our work by applying Study Quality Metrics to the trials we conduct.   These metrics are designed to assess adherence to key protocol requirements at the site level and are focused on patient eligibility, compliance in dosing, adherence to the tumor assessment schedule and completeness of toxicity reporting. By looking at how well sites are adhering to the requirements of these critical aspects in “real-time,” our Project Managers are able to swiftly identify and address potential problem areas, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the study.  Our Progress Report Update system collects all trial performance metrics and is readily accessible to the sponsor throughout the study.