Site Selection and Patient Recruitment

Our Precision Oncology Network Sites have a 90-day start-up goal, which can result in significant start-up efficiencies for our sponsors to achieve their First-Patient-In (FPI) and other program goals with consistency.  Our final sites are selected based on prior performance metrics and current knowledge of competing trials, site staff limitations, and other critical factors to help ensure consistency of delivery.

Recruitment and retention of qualified study participants are key to the successful completion of any clinical program. Our project management and monitoring staff work closely with the sponsor to design and implement site-specific patient enrollment plans to ensure that enrollment projections are met with the right patient population. Our clinical monitors provide, not only on-site monitoring, but all remote monitoring and site support so they truly become “trial experts” with deep knowledge of the study.  Precision Oncology monitors truly are Site Champions and keep consistent and frequent contact with sites to ensure they are supported through all aspects of their enrollment plan, engaged with the study and motivated to screen for new patients.