Study Monitoring

Clinical Monitors are the backbone to the success and quality of our clinical trials.  Precision Oncology’s reputation for successful execution of the most complex clinical trials is predicated upon attracting, developing and retaining the best oncology development personnel, thus providing highly competent and consistent project teams for our sponsors. 

• With an average of 12+ years of monitoring experience, Precision Oncology Monitors are experienced and have backgrounds in oncology – providing efficiency in their operations and excellence in their understanding of the tumor type

• Our Monitors are assigned to trials based on their experience, relative to the tumor type and study design

• Our Monitors truly become Site Champions for their sites, as they are dedicated to 1-2 studies at a time and are the key point-of-contact for all on-site and site management activities for each of their sites

• Our data management processes and monitor’s on-site time are optimized by our remote monitoring model, as review of line listings and real-time patient centric profiles efficiently identify problems on data with specific patients and across the study

It is these factors, combined with a company culture built upon a passion for oncology drug development and an appreciation for our people that has led to the remarkably high retention rate of our Monitors. Since inception, we have been able to achieve a 95% retention rate with our Monitoring staff, which is a significant differentiator from the current quoted industry standard of 75% retention rate/25% turnover.  Given this retention, our sponsors can have a high degree of confidence in the stability of the assigned team and the benefits of such consistency in establishing strong site relationships and retaining study-specific knowledge.