Integrated Biomarker Services

Precision Oncology delivers the novel science of biomarkers and expertise in managing oncology clinical trials all under a single project leadership team. The critical interplay between biomarker data and clinical data in informing ongoing trial strategy and execution requires a cohesive approach.

In partnership with our sponsors we create a comprehensive biomarker strategy that leverages our decades of scientific and clinical expertise in Oncology and Immunology. We go beyond providing assay menus and list of instruments and work with our sponsors to develop a holistic biomarker strategy across immune, cell-based, imaging and molecular markers. Our strategies are fit-for-purpose with a study’s needs and maximize the potential to bring deeper and real-time insights to trials.

Precision Oncology was built to deliver on the evolving needs of biomarker-based drug development by offering these services either as a complete package or a-la-carte.

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