Data Analysis via PATH™

Precision Oncology has responded to the demands of biomarker-guided drug development by engineering the PATH™ Analytics Platform, a cloud-based predictive analytics engine and knowledge-generation platform specifically engineered to address the complexities of high-throughput, high-content biological data in the context of translational research.

The PATH Immunomics suite of solutions has been developed with a laser focus on addressing the demands of oncology research, specifically to address data delivery and on-the-fly analytics of complex immunological assays such as flow cytometry, ELISA, and ELISpot. With the capability to integrate data across various assays including genomic and molecular while providing interactive visualization and reporting, PATH Immunomics is changing the way oncology research is performed.

The PATH Analytics Platform was developed to address:

• Data integration

• Biomarker discovery

• Patient-specific biomarker signatures

• Patient stratification

• Biomarker validation

• Decision support

• Interactive data visualization

In addition to these tools, our capabilities enable the easy generation of submission-ready reports for any dataset.